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Hi all, i'm delighted to present to you my new thriller Rabette Run, a psychological standalone tale with twists and turns galore. Already it is getting acclaim from critics and you can find out what all the fuss is about by downloading on pre-order below, or simply by investing in the paperback, available on Amazon now! To whet your appetite here is my first 5=star review... 

If possible, I would have awarded 10 stars. This book is much more than amazing.
   The author, Nick Rippington, himself describes it as "Alice in Wonderland... with tanks and guns." Well, he's right and it's not hype.
   Not only did this novel remind me of Lewis Carroll's works, but it also reminded me of the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour and other works of theirs in their hallucinogenic inspired songs and albums. Rippington himself is aware of that in his writing as he references both 'Alice in Wonderland' and the phrase 'magical mystery tour.'
   So far, I may have mislead you because this book is a real thriller. It travels along at the speed of sound and though the things happening to Emerson Rabette are fantastic, they are so believable at the same time. That's difficult to do as a writer but Mr Rippington manages it with ease and much panache.
   The characters are wonderfully drawn with some scintillating dialogue. The plot is fabulous with many twists and turns. There are some serious issues underpinning the plot but the author deals with them in a sympathetic and sensitive fashion. I'm a big fan of his Boxer Boys Collection having read all three in the series. In this book, however, he has gone out on a 'creative limb' and really pulled it off.
   Final thoughts: it's one of the best and most original books I have read in a long time. It would also make a great movie and I hope a production company options this book, pronto, as I would love to see the adaption on the big screen.
I must thank the author and publisher for an ARC of the book. I have already pre-ordered it too.
     Opinions expressed are freely and voluntarily given.

Stephen Bentley, Goodreads

NICK RIPPINGTON is an author from London UK who writes hard-boiled gangster fiction and gritty psychological thrillers with twists and turns galore


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