'Fantastic job. Kept me guessing from the  very beginning' - Writers Digest award judge

If you're looking for a escapist read in these troubled times look no further. Here is what a judge at the Writers Digest self-published eBook awards had to say about my psychological thriller RABETTE RUN...

'The voice and writing style created the perfect tension and confusion to what was happening to Rab. I was drawn in immediately, not only in trying to figure out what was going on, but about the characters themselves. They’re mysterious, especially Winter....Did she truly want to help Rab? Or was she working against him? You tied up all the loose ends perfectly. Suddenly, the plot made perfect sense. Fantastic job!'

And the bloggers are full of praise too...

'If possible, I would have awarded 10 stars. The plot is fabulous with many twists and turns.' STEPHEN BENTLEY, author of UNDERCOVER - OPERATION JULIE, THE INSIDE STORY

'The emotions the author has managed to pour into each and every page is beyond wonderful. I had all the feels… ALL OF THEM!' EMMA THE LITTLE BOOKWORM

Gangland crime more your style?

Get all three eBooks in the BOXER BOYS collection for a real knockdown price... it's a deal to kill for!

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NICK RIPPINGTON is an author from London UK who writes hard-boiled gangster fiction and gritty psychological thrillers with twists and turns galore


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