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Get all the Boxer Boys, all in one place. 

     My Boxer Boys digital collection is out now.... so why not bag a fantastic bargain. Here is what some of the fabulous bloggers who read it for my Blog tour have said... 

           'A really good collection that interlinks and spans the years'
           Yvonne, Me  and My Books

           'Gangster noir at its finest'            

           Shaun Baines

           'I found myself in a different world from where we began'

          Nicki's Book Blog

           'Addictive, funny, touching, brilliant stories. I read them all in 10 days'

          AlexJ Book Reviews

     Still not convinced? Well, why not try a sample by clicking 

NICK RIPPINGTON is an author from London UK who specialises in hard-boiled gangster fiction with plenty of twists and turns 


EMAIL NICK at: nickripp@theripperfile.com

Tel: 07812136083 (+44 and drop 0 when outside UK)

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