We hope you will, too! If you're looking for a bargain escapist read in these troubled times RABETTE RUN is just 99p for a limited period. Want more convincing? This is what these bloggers said...

'If possible, I would have awarded 10 stars. The plot is fabulous with many twists and turns.' STEPHEN BENTLEY, author of UNDERCOVER - OPERATION JULIE, THE INSIDE STORY

'I went from smiling to tears - towards the end this is an emotional read and very well written. Wow!'

'The emotions the author has managed to pour into each and every page is beyond wonderful. I had all the feels… ALL OF THEM!.' EMMA THE LITTLE BOOKWORM

'A fast paced, action-packed adventure that had chases,  explosions, espionage, intrigue, a woman on a white horse and a man with a tank NICKI'S LIFE OF CRIME

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NICK RIPPINGTON is an author from London UK who writes hard-boiled gangster fiction and gritty psychological thrillers with twists and turns galore



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