The Runaway

IT WAS 20 years ago that the Queen of London gangland fiction, Martina Cole, first released The Runaway, and I’ve only just got around to reading it. Crikey! It’s one hell of a tome. Covering several decades it follows the fortunes of prostitute's daughter Cathy Connor and drunkard's son Eamonn Docherty. Having been brought up together as kids while their parents shared a combustible relationship, eventually they are forced apart due to Eamonn’s dad’s roving eye. Their lives already infected by violence, worse is to follow as Eamonn has to flee the country after committing a particularly violent crime while Cathy is left to the mercy of a sadistic paedophile and his cohorts at a home for way

The Outsiders

I'LL ADMIT IT: I'm jealous of SE Hinton. To write such an iconic book when she was in her teens is an achievement of monumental proportions. The Outsiders is the age old story of disaffected youth and clashes between two cultures. The writing is refreshing and bright and the names and the characters are fascinating in themselves. At times I did find it hard to get a handle on all Ponyboy's Greasers... maybe fewer characters would have made it an even better book. Still, I will be reading more of SE Hinton. I read this book after writing Crossing The Whitewash, and though the two stories take place in different eras I can draw parallels with some of the characters. This was groundbreaking wor

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