THE Marshalls and the Dolans have history. For almost 40 years on the infamous Boxers Estate in Barking, East London, their relationship has rarely run smoothly. Unaware of the background, teens Gary Marshall and Arnie Dolan forge a close bond, fighting adversity both on the streets and at home. But good things don't last forever and when a series of devastating events shatter their young live in Crossing The Whitewash, they are forced apart. Eight years later, fuelled by rumour, Arnie goes looking for Gary with a score to settle - a mission which threatens fatal consequences for them both. In the prequel Spark Out we revisit the history of the family feud through the eyes of Arnie's dad big


YES, I’m a latecomer but I have just begun to appreciate the joy of Flix. I’m talking about the TV and movie streaming service Netflix, which has revolutionised my viewing over the last couple of months. You would think there were enough things to watch with Sky Digital and the Amazon fire stick already installed, but the amount of straight-to-TV drama that Netflix provides is a welcome addition for the whole household. I love my dramas and the one that has really caught my eye is Ozark, which features Hollywood big-hitter Jason Bateman as financial planner Marty Byrde. At some stage – needing to improve his personal finances – Marty is persuaded by his partner to launder money for a Colombi

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